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Have you considered Non-Surgical Spinal
Decompression for the treatment of low back pain?
See what others just like you are saying!
“I was scheduled for back surgery in two weeks when I met Dr. Palmer and learned about the DRX9000. When Dr. Palmer determined I was a good candidate and accepted my case, I cancelled my surgery. I am no longer in pain. I have full mobility and feel well again. I have recommended this program to so many people. Anyone with the pain that I’ve experienced needs to know that this new technology is available. ”

Cal Avila – Law/Finance – Sacramento, Ca

“I would recommend this DRX program to anyone with back problems. It is way better than surgery. I have so much more freedom of movement now. The staff is great too! I really appreciate all the kindness and attention they have shown
me. ”

Sandra Ward – Homemaker – Lincoln, Ca

“Prior to treatment on the DRX9000, I was unable to sleep due to back pain. I was unable to bend over and touch my toes. I was on 3-4 different pain medications. I am now medication FREE. I have been in pain for 16 years and after the first week of treatment I had no back pain. I am very glad I have used the DRX9000.”

Bruce Dowdy – Business Owner – Severe Sciatica

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